Kit Instructions

1) Register Your Kit Online
  • Click ‘Register Your Kit’ and follow the instructions
    • You will be prompted to create a pet profile 
  • Each test kit includes:
    • A unique kit ID label 
    • Collection Materials including: latex glove, poop bag, collection tube, wooden stick, and biohazard bag
    • Mailing supplies including: white box, USPS shipping label, and mailer
    • Tip: Don’t discard the box. You will need it to return your pet’s sample.
2) Collect Your Pet’s Sample
    • Collect a fresh stool sample
      • A “poop bag” and glove are included for your convenience
      • Tip: Take your dog for a walk and quickly scoop the poop. Try to keep the sample free from grass and debris if possible.
    • Open the collection tube and use the spork attached to the top of the tube to collect the sample. (If you prefer, you can also use the wooden stick for collection).
      • Fill the tube to the red fill line on the collection tube
      • Tightly twist the cap on the collection tube; then put it inside the biohazard bag and seal
      • Record the date the sample was collected, and pet’s name on the tube if you haven’t already
      • Please note: The sample can sit at room temperature for up to 24 hours prior to mailing. If you are unable to mail within 24 hours, keep the sample in the freezer until you are ready to send.
    3) Mail to the Lab
    • Put the biohazard bag with the collection tube into the white box
      • Remember: Mail within 24 hours of collecting or keep in the freezer prior to sending.
    • Place box in the mailer and affix the USPS mailing label to the outside
    • Place the mailer in your mailbox or at a United States Postal Service Office
      Find a USPS Location 
    • You will be notified via email when your results are ready typically within 14 – 21 days