A Game-Changer in Pet Health: Innovative Pet Lab!

As a holistic veterinarian with a focus on gut health, I can’t recommend Innovative Pet Lab’s stool tests enough. Their tests go beyond traditional screenings to offer vital insights into intestinal permeability, inflammation, digestive function, and the local gut immune system’s activity.

Precision and Relevance
What sets these tests apart is the granularity of the data. They make it possible to identify root causes rather than just symptoms and truly understand what is occurring in the ecosystem of the gastrointestinal tract. For veterinarians and pet owners alike, these specific markers are invaluable for an integrative approach to health.

Easy to administer, the tests come with a simple guide for sample collection, ensuring accurate results.

Expert Support
The Innovative Pet Lab team offers excellent customer service, assisting with insightful interpretations of the data, and is very easy to connect with for any questions on test results.

If you’re a pet parent or veterinarian interested in moving beyond symptom-based care to understand and address the underlying issues affecting a pet’s gut health, Innovative Pet Lab’s stool tests are a must-have tool. Their comprehensive approach aligns seamlessly with integrative and holistic health models, making them an invaluable asset for improving long-term animal well-being.

Dr. Katie Woodley, DVM
Dr. Katie Woodley, DVM
The Natural Pet Doctor